{ Marcos & Sarah Anniversary session }

Este verano pude viajar a Suiza para cubrir una boda y realizar estas fotos de Aniversario de Sarah y Marcos, ellos cumplen un año de casados después de sus bodas en Basel y Alicante (España). Puedes ver estas bodas en los siguientes links Basel & Alicante.

Marcos diseño para esta sesión un nuevo “&” con diferentes materiales a los de la primera boda y un número 1 reflejando el primer aniversario juntos.

Mucho love Sarah & Marcos!!


This summer I had the pleasure to travel to Switzerland again to shoot a wedding and lovely aniversary session with Sarah and Marcos, they celebrate that has been a year from both their weddings, in Basel and in Alicante. Check out the weddings in the following links Basel & Alicante.

Marcos designed for this session a new “&” with different materials than the ones used a year ago for the weddings and also he build a number 1 to celebrate the first year.

Mucho love Satah & Marcos!!



Contax 645 + Portra 400,800 Develop and scan Carmencita film lab.

André - Está TOP Miguel:))))

Megan Meyers - Usually civil weddings are quite small in Switzerland, but we decided to throw a big industrial BBQ party for all our friends. And as my husband is such a creative person, almost all decorations were made by us at home. He even created our logo with the three hearts representing our union, our families and love for each other. In Switzerland we decided to keep all decoration in blue tones, whereas in Spain we opted for orange hues. As we had guests from all over the world at our reception, we wanted all of them to see the most beautiful part of our hometown: the Rhine. We organized a boat tour on the Rhine before arriving at our venue right at the border between France and Germany. The wedding was designed to be an industrial wedding with many surprises for our guests: lots of cocktails, great BBQ, an awesome band that made the guests dance before dinner was even served and a casino. The atmosphere was simply amazing, and we danced until the break of dawn.


No tengo palabras para describir esta fantástica boda. Conny & Stephan celebraron su boda en las bellas montañas de Rigi, Suiza, cerca de Luzern. La celebración fue en un hotel rehabilitado con una decoración increíble y los invitados bebían wishky durante la ceremonia para celebrar este fantástico

Lo que más me gusta de viajar a Suiza es la amabilidad y simpatía de la gente y esto hace que disfrutes realmente de tu trabajo. Es un gran honor que hayan confiado en mi ya que Conny es una talentosa fotógrafa!, puedes ver su trabajo aquí.


I have no words to describe this fantastic wedding. Conny & Stephan celebrated their wedding in the beautiful mountains of Rigi, Switzerland, near Luzern. The celebration was in a rehabilitated hotel with an amazing decor and the guests drank wishky during the ceremony to celebrate this fantastic day.

I love to travel to Switzerland because their kindness and friendliness and this makes really enjoy your work. It is a great honor that they trusted me because Conny is a talented photographer!, You can see her work here.

Mikel - Como siempre Miguel, un trabajo impecable! Me encanta.

Juan - Unas imágenes increíbles Miguel, por quedarme con algo que me ha encantado, la parte de los globos…. woww!!

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - directo, simple y emotivo…. una preciosidad!!!! enhorabuena!!!….

Lovely work, direct and simple, as your style and vision… congrats!!!

Conny - tampoco no tengo palabras!! muchisimas gracias miguel!!!!

Urška Majer - So simple, but so stunning!

{ Josep & ana, pregnancy session }

Valencia 19.08.13

All photos taken with fuji 400H Developed and scan Carmencita Film Lab, for family rates contact here!

Elvira Blackburn - Toledo in the 13th century saw a tremendous cultural revival under King Alfonso X El Sabio (The Wise), and the School of Translators was established. The sages working there translated works from Arabic or Hebrew into Latin. They thus brought to Europe the knowledge of the erudite Muslims, far superior to Christian learning of the time. But even more importantly, these translations were the means through which Europe rediscovered classical learning, as the works of all the great Greek philosophers and other learned men had first been translated into Arabic.