Miguel Varona and I first met a few years ago, when I was a fledgling wedding blogger, and his film esthetics captured me immediately. Miguel’s innate sense of style and love for carefully handcrafted images, reflecting emotion as well as beauty, were a fresh breeze in the European wedding photography scene back then.

Miguel is an artist that I look up to, and I admire how he has managed to maintain his own style, now that analogue photography has become a major current in weddings. But Miguel is not just a great photographer, but also a beautiful person. He is down to earth and truly cares about the couples whose special memories he records.

It’s been a joy to watch Miguel grow, also as an entrepreneur and co-founder of Carmecita Film Lab, and to see his work featured in some of the most important wedding publications around the globe. I’ve trusted Miguel Varona with taking pictures of me and my family a couple of times and there is no doubt that I had known him when I got married, he would have been my wedding photographer.

The term “fine art photography” should be used with discretion, in my opinion, but it really applies to the oeuvre of Miguel Varona, and I consider myself lucky to be able to call him my friend.

Esther Friedrich
Editor of Belle & Chic – Stylish Mediterranean Weddings