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Valencia 19.08.13

All photos taken with fuji 400H Developed and scan Carmencita Film Lab, for family rates contact here!

Elvira Blackburn - Toledo in the 13th century saw a tremendous cultural revival under King Alfonso X El Sabio (The Wise), and the School of Translators was established. The sages working there translated works from Arabic or Hebrew into Latin. They thus brought to Europe the knowledge of the erudite Muslims, far superior to Christian learning of the time. But even more importantly, these translations were the means through which Europe rediscovered classical learning, as the works of all the great Greek philosophers and other learned men had first been translated into Arabic.

{ Fabra´s Family}

Weekend at the pool

All pics taken with Contax 645 and Trix400, Developed in Carmencita film lab
For family rates contact here!

Alberto Sagrado - Great pics Miguel!!!! Love them!

WhiteDressPhoto Jesús Caballero - honest, direct, genuine… I love it!!!!

John Terry - Incredible colours, what a wonderful photos with the mediterranean sun. A perfect day. I love it.

toni raper - Miguel, I adore your work with kids! I love the fun light filled nature of this set.


Valencia. 08.08.13


“Muchisimas gracias a  Santos Costura & Lucia Ribes por la colaboración en realizar esta sesión de colaboración en el embarcadero de L’ Albufera de Valencia.

Esta es otra sesión que realice con los preciosos vestidos de Santos Costura , Spanish Lace




“Many thanks to Lucia Ribes & Santos Costura for collaborating in this photoshoot on L ‘Albufera of Valencia. Here you can see another editorial with the beautiful SantosCostura dresses called Spanish Lace”




Stylist: Miri Esteban

Make Up: Ana Lahoz

Models: Juan Vidal, Paula Vincent.

Special Thanks: Paula Miró.



paula - No había visto estas, todas preciosas ;) gracias a ti Miguel